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To fulfill a deathbed promise to her mother, Joan Chartres embarks on a dangerous journey to Scotland, intent on delivering a mysterious message to the Laird McKay. While disguised as a young man, Joan is set upon by thieves and rescued by fellow traveler Campbell Sinclair, who is injured during the fight. Fooled by Joan’s disguise, Cam is shocked to discover the truth but offers his escort to McKay’s land, where Joan will be forced to question everything she thought she knew about the mother who raised her, about her own place in the world, and about Cam’s role in her future.

Lynsay Sands returns to her Scottish Highlands series with To Marry a Scottish Laird. Although Sands is recognized for her humorous and personality-filled Argeneau series, there is little to love in this most recent historical novel. Both characters and plot seem to have been recycled from novels published decades ago, offering nothing innovative or memorable for the seasoned romance reader. To Marry a Scottish Laird is neither terrible nor offensive, but it is a bit boring and likely dissatisfying to fans of Lynsay Sands.

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