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Dreams. We all have them, some more vivid and memorable than others – artwork our mind creates while the subconscious rules our mind, leaving us vulnerable and exposed. What is a dream? What would your dreams look like as a work of art? Could you explain your dream in verse?

“Instincts can malfunction.”

Author and artist Susan Levin has done just that. Levin’s inspiration for Art from Dreams: My Jungian Journey in Collage, Assemblage, and Poetry was found while working alongside a Jungian dream analyst. Using salvaged material, she was inspired to recreate the vast layers of a dream into works that, on their own, tell a story, but when coupled with a poem, are a story. As simple as the art may look, most appear as if they are trying to speak, to tell the world, to have their story heard.

Each art piece is beautifully constructed. There is so much to take in that you will easily find yourself returning to the pages, time and time again. This book should feel right at home on the bookcase of any artist.

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