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Formats: Hardcover
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Babar and his family and friends go on a boat ride, but a storm suddenly leaves them shipwrecked. They land on an island that appears to be uninhabited, so they work on keeping their spirits up and looking for rescuers. One day, Babar meets a Dragon. Dragon welcomes Babar and his friends and even helps them get coconuts and limes. He teaches them how to build shelter. Dragon makes shipwrecked life quite comfortable, and the elephants eat well, sing songs around the fire and are happy. Searchers are still looking for the elephants, though, and one day a rescuer finds Babar. The elephants are so happy when they realized they are going home; they ask Dragon to join them, but he does not want to leave his life on the island paradise. Dragon misses them and soon he visits them at their home. The elephants do the same with Dragon once a year on his island.

Kids that love Babar will enjoy another Babar adventure. The tale is happy and teaches friendship, survival and respecting that paradise is one’s home, no matter how remote. Colorful pictures help tell the story.

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