By Janine Ashbless
Tempted Romance, $14.95, 240 pages

In the deep, dark cavern under Milja’s home in Montenegro, a beautiful man is chained naked to a rock slab. Her father, an orthodox priest, tells Milja that it is her family’s duty to keep the man bound there forever, but she doesn’t know why…and can’t help her infatuation with the silent, scarred immortal. When her father discovers Milja’s weakness, she is sent away, only to return when he grows ill several years later. With her father away, Milja releases the prisoner who has forever haunted her dreams.

Finally, Azazel is free from his living tomb, and he wastes no time claiming the young woman who once cared for him so tenderly. But Azazel is far from human, and what little he remembers about humanity is a millennium out of date. In the hands of Azazel, Milja’s erotic awakening is tempestuous, blurring the line between dark fantasy and reality until she can no longer separate love and obsession, submission and desperation. With her choice, Milja may save a fallen race, or doom humanity to Azazel’s apocalyptic vengeance.

Cover Him With Darkness is uncommonly literary in tone and original in ideas. Janine Ashbless brings to the tired paranormal genre an exhilarating world wherein the creatures of Judeo-Christian faith are brought to life and written into contemporary times. This new world, which Milja has lived her entire life without really seeing, is both seductive and horrifying. No longer innocent, Milja will survive her brutal awakening, but the author offers no reassurances for Milja’s future with Azazel, or for the future of humanity. Sexy, dark, and suspenseful, Cover Him With Darkness is a superbly creative story that is just impossible to put down.

Reviewed by McKenzie Workman

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