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It is safe to say that cats and dogs don’t get along. That is why you can guess there will be trouble when Mr. Button goes to an animal shelter to pick out a dog, and Mrs. Button goes to a pet store and buys a cat. Cat and Dog ride home in separate cars, not knowing the other is also arriving. This can’t be good!

Author and illustrator Chris Gall perfectly captures the common traits we can all see in our pets in Dog vs. Cat. This book is a funny look into the lives of two completely different animals who have to share one room. At first they try to be grown-up about the situation and split the room in half. Dog enjoys his toys, food and sofa chair on his side while Cat admires herself and her cat furniture with a dangling mouse that sits on her side. Even with space between them, Cat and Dog don’t get along.

The beautiful and bright colored pencil illustrations help to capture what it is that bugs Dogs about Cat and why Cat doesn’t like Dog. Dog licks when he says hello, but Cat doesn’t like to be wet. Cat likes chocolate covered mice, but they make Dog sick. Dog stays up during the day chasing his tail, but Cat likes to play all night long and Dog can’t sleep. To top it off, Dog has to go to the bathroom outside, and Cat gets to use a litter box in the bathroom. They just don’t get along!

Dog: “Why can’t you go outside like regular pets?”

Cat: “I have indoor privileges.”

When a redistribution of space doesn’t work, Dog and Cat resort to trying to get the other in trouble, hoping one will stay and one will have to leave. Cat uses lots of garlic on her food so she can bother Dog with her breath. She also fills Dog’s water dish with disgusting hairballs. Dog pours water on Cat at nap time and sticks party balloons all over her fur. They finally decide to build a wall in their room so they don’t have to deal with each other. Silence descends on the two, and they think the problem is solved. But is silence really golden?

Gall’s illustrations say everything, and no words are needed. Can Cat and Dog work something out? Will the wall come down? And what new animal is squawking, crying and screaming just outside their room? This is a wonderful children’s book that conveys messages of acceptance, friendship and taking change as it comes and making the most of a difficult situation. Illustrations are filled with great details. You’ll find something new to see each time you pick up the book. Fans of dogs and cats will also love this book. Find out who wins in Dog vs. Cat. It is not who you think!

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