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This unusual, heavy, large format, beautifully produced coffee table book with 155 large, glossy photos will fascinate you or anyone leafing through it. The images in dr.a.g. are almost unreal, yet fascinating. All photos are of men dressed as women, thus drag queens. Most of us didn’t know that the word drag comes from an old theater term when actors were mostly males; playing female roles, they were called dr.a.g., i.e. dressed as girl. (Sometimes women actresses played male roles, thus dr.a.b., or dressed as boy.)

“It is amazing what a man can accomplish when he’s wearing the right dress.”

This book owes its credits to both the highly skilled models and photographers. The models are mostly bizarre with extra-heavy, totally unnatural makeup (particularly the lips), equally strange coifs, costumes and accessories, sometimes tattoos. Many look unreal, as if aliens visited us pretending to be models. The photos are mostly full page, sometimes a page and a half. Even though it is so unusual, viewing the photos is an enjoyable experience, and it is best not to page through the book at once. Too bad the producer did not include page numbers so we could refer back to find certain our favorite images easily.

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