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Ashley’s summer doesn’t go as planned in Dreamer, Wisher, Liar by Charise Mericle Harper. She had imagined spending carefree days with her best friend Lucy, but then she gets the bad news that Lucy’s family is moving to Oregon. When Ash doesn’t even get to go to summer camp with her best friend, everything seems to be going downhill pretty fast. But when she finds an old jar of wishes tucked in the basement, her bummed-out summer takes a turn toward the curious.

“It was my new hope, and suddenly I wanted to believe in magic.”

Told in a delightful first person narrative that immediately warms the reader to Ashley’s matter-of-fact personality, Dreamer, Wisher, Liar brings together the realities of childhood disappointments with the magical possibilities of youthful imagination. As Ash explores the wish jar, she must also open her mind to making new friends. A younger girl, Claire, comes to spend time with Ash’s family and this challenges Ash’s revised summer plans of reading, writing to Lucy, and figuring out the wish jar.

Claire wasn’t a part of the plan, but Ash soon learns that the unexpected can also bring about unexpected insights. Ashley, the wish jar, and Claire have something more in common than Ash could have ever imagined. This chapter book is sure to engage tween readers for both its reality-based story of friendships and its exploration of magical possibilities.

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