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Stories of otherworldly beings have long drawn readers into the vivid imaginations of writers as they struggle to create a new twist to the genre while still appealing to the core understanding of these creatures. Full Fathom Five is a tale that begins with people who have unique beliefs and abilities. The fast-paced tale about Kai and her service to the creation and protection of Gods is a story to be lost in. The language is unique and moves with complex understanding of the rituals and spells woven throughout this world. Kai is strong willed, and clever, seeking to do what she believes is right, regardless of whether or not she is ordered to do so.

Often seeing more then others and working to the point of exhaustion, this bold character makes sacrifices – not only the offerings she performs, but her own personal sacrifices that push far beyond common otherworld boundaries. This is far from a flowery tale full of colorful imagery, but it is a gripping, smart story that has you running through the pages trying to keep up.

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