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If you enjoy science and philosophy, It Started with Copernicus is a must for you. This is a massive volume, but is an excellent reading. If you can concentrate on a chapter a week, eight weeks of very enjoyable reading is going to be your reward. Keith Parsons, a philosophy professor, is a superb writer. The subject is difficult, deep, and it will take all your concentration to understand what you are reading, but the style and writing are easy to follow and reader-friendly. Philosophy of science is a tough subject, but Parsons has a commendable knowledge of both technology and science.

“This present book is not a textbook but a trade book meant to any reader interested in being immersed in some of the philosophical issues and controversies raised by modern science.”

The book is filled with examples, but mostly wonderful philosophical musings on virtually any subject: medicine, arts, music, politics, feminism, logic – you name it. Parsons quotes from numerous books from early times on. He states that this is not a textbook, but in-depth discussions. This book is an expansion of his first book, published in 2006. Most chapters have conclusions, and all have extensive discussions on further readings. This book is not a light read (no illustrations), and it will take your full power of concentration. But what a reward!

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