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Emmi Itäranta’s first novel is YA dystopian speculative fiction about a future world that is more possible than we might hope. In the not too distant future, global warming has caused the world’s geography and politics to change. Set in an authoritarian Scandinavia, teen Noria Kaitio is studying to continue her father’s occupation as tea master, in a society with strict water shortages and rationing.

Noria’s father, well known for his traditional ceremony, and delicious tea, knows the location of a secret, hidden, natural spring. When her father dies, the military commander sees that ancient hidden water source as a source of power, putting Noria between him and his goal. Meanwhile, digging through the plastic remains of the world that was, Noria, and her friend Sanja uncover clues about what really happened to the world.

This novel will attract two audiences – those who enjoy a good YA dystopian adventure, and those who enjoy an adventure with a few strong female characters fighting against the system.  It is simultaneously a coming-of-age story, a fantastic adventure, and a bold warning about a future that is all too real.

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