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What’s better than reading a story? Telling a story, according to Miss Brooks. When Miss Brooks changes her popular story hour to storytelling hour, the children are encouraged to come up with their own tales, complete with characters, setting and a satisfactory ending. This inspires Missy to re-imagine her real-life troubles with Billy Toomey and rewrite their futures.

“…let’s close our eyes and let our minds wander. Everyone has a tale to tell.”

Miss Brooks’ Story Nook by Barbara Bottner, with illustrations by Michael Emberley, demonstrates the fun of making things up while also empowering children to create their own endings. While Miss Brooks’ Story Nook is full of quirky humor and nonsense fun, real classroom issues are addressed with a light and entertaining touch. Through imagination, Missy learns how to handle neighborhood bully Billy Toomey.

Elementary school readers will enjoy the realistic classroom dynamics and the opportunity to explore their imaginations alongside Miss Brooks’ students. A companion book to the New York Times bestseller Miss Brooks Loves Books (and I don’t), this colorful new story will keep children laughing and reading, and imagining their own happy endings.

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