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Formats: Illustrated Paperback, Kindle
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Who hasn’t had a monster teacher? Adults and young readers alike will enjoy Brown’s illustrative story of the very scary Ms. Kirby and her terrified young student Bobby. When Ms. Kirby tells him to “settle down,” Bobby hears her roar. When the teacher imposes a classroom rule – no paper airplanes, Bobby knows she can only be a monster. But when Bobby meets his teacher outside school, he discovers a very different Ms. Kirby. His teacher quacks with the ducks at the local park; she declares him a hero when Bobby rescues her flyaway hat; and she climbs the park hill to visit Bobby’s favorite spot. Along the way, Ms. Kirby looks less and less like a monster – a little less green with a little less girth. When his teacher hands him a paper airplane to fly from the crest of the hilltop, Bobby recognizes that “monsters are not always what they seem.” For every reader who’s been slightly afraid of being sent to the school office or made to sit in the corner, My Teacher Is a Monster! No, I Am Not will bring a familiar perspective and satisfying twist in belief.

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