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Children who love to read will insist this title be in their collection. For those who struggle with reading, this is a book that will make them want to keep reading. It is a fun, laugh-filled introduce to this collection. Miss Klute is a Hoot! is a delightful story about a therapy dog – not a teacher this time! This silly dog acts very much like a dog, getting into all sorts of mischief and making you laugh at the same time.

Author Dan Gutman successfully writes another hit for kids with this book. Andrea narrates her experience of having a dog at school, and tells of learning to make good choices. The children learn to listen to others, be honest and work together. The silly word choices truly sound as if a young kid is talking, and make you wonder, how old is Gutman himself to come up with such a great way of telling the story. If you are picking the My Weirder School  books up for the first time, or continuing in the series, you are sure to love this one.

Reviewed by Wendy Stevens

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