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Elly and her family have suffered multiple losses: their family company folding, their father’s death and Elly’s loss of a fiancé Jake. Desperate to save her family and her house, Elly takes a job at Jake’s company. There, she meets Ethan, Jake’s brother-in-law and all-around nice guy, leaving Elly to wonder if she can ever love again. Meanwhile, her emotionally raw sister, Maren, starts a whirlwind romance with the dashing Wyatt. Charming yet dangerous, Elly fears for Maren’s heart while Maren fears that Elly will choose sense over love.

It is always tricky to update a classic novel, but author Rebecca H. Jamison does so adequately in  Sense & Sensibility:  A Latter-day Tale. Elly is a likeable heroine and has the unfortunate role of keeping her family afloat. Maren is less likeable, as she comes off as self-involved and selfish for most of the book. The story adds some nice twists on the original plot and updates things nicely. The male characters fall flat of their inspirations, and it’s a little unclear why either sister is interested in them at all. Overall, this is a readable Christian romance that fans of the genre will enjoy.

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