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Holly Jefferson is still reliving the past every night. Her days are spent struggling to keep the nightmares at bay by working relentlessly at her small cake shop. It isn’t until a strange order, involving Dior heels, arrives that Holly meets someone who might just help her break the curse. The media knows the charming Ciaran Argyll as a frivolous spender and player, but as Holly keeps meeting him, she slowly unravels a very different story. Can both of them move past painful memories to a bright future together?

A rich balance of snark and vulnerability, Holly’s internal struggles make her a fascinating character. Her family and friends have active roles providing a context to the romance. Although these secondary characters are a bit flat, their incorporation adds dimensionality to the main leads. Ciaran’s teasing personality with the inclusion of a few corny, but funny, lines makes for a realistically blossoming romance and a couple of laugh-out-loud moments. Sweet and romantic, Since You’ve Been Gone is a good choice for an enjoyable, quick read.

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