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Bunny is excited to go out and play in the snow.  When he goes outside, a snowball hits him. Red tells Bunny that it was a joke. Bunny does not think it was funny. Bunny and Red make a snowman, and Red takes Bunny’s hat. Bunny does not think it is funny. Red repeats that it is just a joke. Then Red and Bunny make snow angels. Red plays another joke on Bunny, and again Bunny does not think it is funny. They go sledding, and Red pushes Bunny off the sled. Bunny does not find that funny, either. They go ice skating, and Red is up to his tricks, but then he falls and Bunny finds it funny; Red does not. Red stomps off mad and does not join Bunny for hot cocoa. Bunny finds Red on his steps and offers him some cocoa. Finally Red tells a funny joke, and Bunny thinks that is funny.

Snow Joke uses repetition and simple words to help your little reader figure out the story. The lesson is valuable, and your children will enjoy the story and looking at the pictures as they learn about friendship.

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