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Julia’s life has been at a standstill since she was let go from her job eight months ago. Job searches have proved fruitless, and Julia has been spending her long days at home alone. Things change when she finds that she has inherited the house of her mother’s aunt, Regina. Julia last saw Regina the night her mother died in a car accident. Deciding that she should clean out the house and sell it, Julia heads to London. While there, she finds clues to deeply hidden family secrets, which may also be the key for Julia kick-starting her life again.

That Summer is a wonderful novel by author Lauren Willig. The novel examines the journeys of two different women who are trapped—one by her past and one by society’s conventions. The book seamlessly weaves the stories in with each other with no jarring segues. Julia and Imogen, respectively, are complex, well written and highly relatable. The story progresses well and keeps the reader engaged throughout. This is a wonderful book that readers of fiction will enjoy.

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