TheArtofTroubleshootingTroubleshooting IS an Art


By Jason Maxham
CreateSpace, $49.99, 356 pages

Perfect symmetry, The Art of Troubleshooting provides the exact and necessary amount of balance between technique, technology, mathematical proof, simple and clear explanation without condescension, and all with tension-relieving humor. It’s broken down into four Parts; Introduction, Strategies, Virtues and Cleaning Up. The chapters are short and easy to read with descriptively enjoyable pictures, subtitles and quotes.

Author, Jason Maxham, among other talents, is a pilot, computer expert and successful entrepreneur lending his years of experiences and skills to The Art of Troubleshooting and after you read this book you’ll realize it is an art form to accurately troubleshoot any problem. From dealing with drama queens to computer issues, plumbing fiascos to Nuclear Power Plants, this book explains it all – well, maybe not how to exactly troubleshoot every issue, but it does give the reader the exact process to understand the steps needed to assess the situation and power through the fix. Most of the principles he presents are common sense and even describe known natural human tendencies, but understanding the whys behind doing each step aids in getting to the core of the issue you are trying to deal with. Asking the appropriate questions, when to listen and when not to, who to interview and who you need to engage are paramount in the quickest, most-efficient manner to achieve resolution. The book offers a healthy glimpse into human behaviors and how to deal with them and the machines they use. There is so much more to correctly troubleshooting an issue than most people realize.

Maxham consulted and included ten troubleshooting experts in their own fields and uses their proficiencies to educate and walk the readers through each of the steps. In fact, as I was reading through this book, I found myself needing to implement his techniques to figure out why my coffee maker was leaking and was able to fix it all on my own!

Novices and experts alike will gain useful knowledge from this work. Everyone, seriously, everyone should read this book. This is a review I was thrilled to write! Truly, it has earned its 5 out of 5 stars rating. This is a book you will tell your friends to run out and get.

Reviewed by M. Chris Johnson

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