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Reading The Year of Chasing Dreams brings back memories of wanting to be a cowboy and having a horse, of the fantasy of many young people. The book is about the year after two friends, Ciana and Eden, loose their best friend and learn to cope through life as adults. The book starts off with the two acting petulant, and a new drama or secret creeps out of every chapter.  The drama and whining is repetitive and often detracts from the story. Towards the end of the book, as new dilemmas continue to emerge, you may wonder how it will end, and if it will mean a sequel – which it fortunately does not. All the drama ends quickly, much too simply, and with far less drama then the rest of the book’s many previous dramas. It however does leave one small issue with Eden, which never is resolved. These young twenty-year-old girls enjoy their wine, value family and have a sense of pride for their land.  While reading, a cute mix of multiple languages sneaks in a few words, too. This book is the second book with these characters; however, it is easily read alone for those who want a mindless read.

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