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The loneliest pig in the world breaks out of his pigpen and finds his way to school. But pigs aren’t allowed at school. Young readers will like the rule-breaking school kids, who camouflage Pig and distract teachers to make sure this outsider is included. The dopey adults finally catch on and Pig is banished back to the farmyard. The ensuing compromise leaves Pig not so lonely.

The illustrations are nicely done, with lots of details to capture young readers’ attention. Muted colors selectively used in the background draw the eye to the more vividly drawn main characters. Thydell lives in Sweden and the book jacket states the book has been translated into thirteen different languages; this reviewer found the story simplistically written without the fun word challenges often presented in picture books. Perhaps this is a result of translation to English, but There’s a Pig in my Class! would benefit from a bit more linguistic verve.

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