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Tomboy is Liz Prince’s graphic memoir of growing up outside the rigid boundaries of “normal.” It charts the formation and development of her titular identity. For Prince, being a tomboy is about dressing and acting in a way she’s comfortable doing – and, as it turns out, a way that’s perceived as traditionally masculine. As a child this isn’t so hard, but the social pressures of school and growing up begin to make it more difficult for her. Once Prince is challenged to consider that everyone is operating in the same restrictive framework of gender and identity norms, she starts to accept herself and seek out friendships and experiences that are good for her, just the way she is.

The issue addressed in this book – being comfortable with yourself, whatever that means – is pretty specific, and Prince does not try to tackle more complex issues of gender or sexuality as you might be led to expect by the title. Her message is positive and widely applicable, however, and this is a charming story that will resonate with anyone who has ever felt like a misfit for staying true to themselves.

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