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What the Bible Really Says by Victor Sutch is one of the first theological books specifically regarding the Bible that was such an enjoyable, easy read with a conversational tone, especially for the complexity of the subject matter, that this reviewer has ever read. Aside from the few all-too-harsh and unnecessary condemnations towards the differently life-styled and alternate belief system folks, there are many “Aha” moments in Sutch’s explanations of seemingly convoluted and baffling truths in the Bible, often times leading to the “well duh” epiphanies. Sutch dares to examine the core beliefs in our faith-based foundations of Christianity. Several times he adds the disclaimer that he’s not adding to or removing from the Word of God, just dissecting the truths sometimes hidden within its chapters.

“The Word of God is what keeps us straight on all doctrinal matters.”

Some of the topics he examines are the fall from Eden, the Flood, Jesus and the Trinity concept, the origins of the Jewish race and, most profoundly, God’s judgment on all humans. Adding to these explanations he covers such multifaceted subjects such as the nature of God and man, warfare and the entire model of denominations within Christianity. Readers will want to pick Sutch’s brain on many other confusing verses and stories in the Bible such as Job, angels and demons, women and the endless speculations in Revelations regarding the end times, just to name a few.

Sutch’s work is well researched and referenced, but lacks a bibliography or an index to benefit a personal study. Some of his outcomes are far-fetched but arguably plausible. We may never know the true answers to these age-old questions until we get to Heaven but this work is definitely worth contemplation with an open mind and further study. If you are a believer, you need to read this book!

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