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D.B. Jackson’s Plunder of Souls continues the story of Ethan Kaille, a thieftaker at work in Boston, in the years shortly before the Revolutionary War. Kaille is hired to investigate several graves that have been robbed, and their contents dismembered in a way that is disturbingly reminiscent of an old injury of Ethan’s. As he, with the help of other member’s of Boston’s supernatural community, starts to investigate these disturbances, he realizes he is also seeing the ghosts of the dead, and that they may hold the key to the entire mystery.

Jackson’s novel is well researched, and the atmosphere and setting are authentic to America in the late 18th century, but he has an historical fiction writer’s knack of doing the research, and then letting the story take precedence. Ethan Kaille is an intriguing character, and his voice carries the reader through and keeps them engaged. This book is one of a series, but it also stands alone, any background information a new reader might be missing is not necessary to follow the story. If you are a reader who likes well done paranormal stories, this one not to be missed.

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