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A World of Your Own is not your traditional children’s book. Laura, the main character, shares her version of her world with a very different lens. Laura sees the world in her own way and then draws her version of it. She uses photographs and drawings to help the reader see different forms of everyday items such as a house. Laura draws her house with a basic shape but then adds more floors and even a slide. She then challenges the reader to draw his home but with the twist of adding items that he would like to live in. Neighborhoods are not taken at face value either, but instead with imaginative things going on inside like a boring building that is just full of kittens. Factories are in the shape of what they make.

“Just like in the real world, some of the buildings in My World look pretty dull from the outside.  But things aren’t always what they seem.”

Whimsical illustrations and photo compilations create a very unique read in A World of Your Own. Not only is imagination fostered, but the reader is challenged to put their revelation on paper. The illustrations are detailed and multi-layered and each page can be explored for quite some time! This book could certainly create an interesting dialogue between parent and child and discussions about “what could be” rather than accepting the world at face value is a rather grown up concept for a book geared towards ages 5-9, but imagination being fostered is great for any age so perhaps parents will think differently after reading this book, too.

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