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Sometimes life is going so well for a person. So together. So perfect. So good. This sometimes leads to them seeking out something or someone that will turn their life upside down. In the end it will make you appreciate your life and all that you have. This is true in Paulo Coelho’s new book, Adultery. For Linda, a woman who seems to have it all—a great husband, two great kids, a great job, and plenty of money. What more could a woman want, right? When Linda starts to question her life after a work interview with a former flame. She asks herself, “Am I happy? How did I get so lucky in life, with everything that I have?” Linda puts her life on the line to answer these questions. In the end she realizes that sometimes putting one’s life on the line can have unexpected outcomes that just might make one’s life even better.

This was this reviewer’s first book by Coelho. It was a bit predictable, but it still left a bit of mystery. It was unclear which way Linda would take things—stay with her husband and make it work, or leave everything behind. It was fast paced and easy to read in just one setting.

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