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After a night of too much celebrating, Mia wakes up fuzzy-headed next to a stranger inside a foreign apartment. While Ethan – the stranger – also finds himself with little memory of the previous night. A primal attraction between Mia and Ethan is undeniable. From the moment their eyes meet they are certain that they want more of each other. Following a particularly awkward cab ride, Mia and Ethan find themselves to be interns at the same company: Boomerang. Making things even more difficult, there is only one job opening at the end of the summer, and only one intern will get it. Mia and Ethan’s magnetism intensifies after it is made clear that there is a strict no-dating policy within the company. Will they be able to keep their hands off each other?

Earning only one star, Boomerang is 95 percent anticipation and five percent resolution. Readers will be disappointed to find the characters to be lackluster and the plot to be painfully anticlimactic. The flirtation between Mia and Ethan is unappealing, while the descriptive language comes across as desperate and cheesy. Ten pages in, this reader threw Boomerang across their room, hoping it would never come back.

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