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Continuing the Cheesie Mack series, Cheesie shares a scary prank that will give laughter and chills to middle grade readers. While they deem themselves too old to trick-or-treat, Cheesie and his best friend, George, still find fun in tricks and fooling others.

“Being best friends means that sometimes you know exactly what the other person is thinking.”

With flying saucers, UFOs, and aliens in the night sky, Cheesie and his friends tell tall tales, but face even stranger obstacles themselves as they venture out on a night of candy hunting. Along the way, Cheesie plays with language and lists, making things up and analyzing mysteries big and small. Readers of the series will find the familiar language and quirky tone warming and relate well to the school yard relationships, both fun and challenging.

Black and white illustrations accompany the first person narrative and lead readers through Cheesie’s pranks and antics, while the conclusion confirms friendships are the most mysterious yet satisfying part of growing up. Steve Cotler’s Cheesie Mack is Sort of Freaked Out is a page-turner young readers should embrace for its clever and whimsical storytelling.

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