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Horton and the Kwuggerbug actually contains four short stories. Typical word choice and illustrations fill this Dr. Seuss book. In the first story, Horton is tricked into helping the Kwuggerbug retrieve some nuts from a very difficult and tricky location. Although Elephant is promised half, it is the shell half and not the nut half.  He trudges through swamp and mountain to find the Beezlenuts. Elephant faces his fear with tired legs only to be tricked in the end. But a sneeze has the last laugh on the Kwuggerbug. In the second story Marco tells his teacher a long tale about why he is late to school. As inventive as the tale is, the teacher is quick to discover its falseness. In story three, Officer Pat saves the town from an annoying buzz and the ensuing actions from the bug’s noise. And finally, the Hoobub and the Grinch go back and forth about a green string.

In true Dr. Seuss style, the nonsensical words and colorful characters will mesmerize your child. Lessons are learned about honesty, being helpful and telling the truth. Parents everywhere will be asked to read this book over and over again, and the giggles that ensure over such silliness will be sheer joy.

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