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Kate the Great will charm the middle grade audience with its realistic dialogue and more than 450 illustrations. Kate, not Katie, is a chatty fifth grader who is forced to hang out with Nora, even though Nora is anti-social and never shares her spot on the bus. Kate would rather hang out with her best friend Brooke who always entertains and says clever things in class.

“Maybe school months are like dog years—all I know is this is going to be an extra-long day.”

The family dynamics between Kate, her parents and her siblings is funny, endearing and realistically written—all from the perspective of Kate’s first person diary-style narrative. A wonderful cast of characters of teachers and guide leaders add dimension to the social world Kate puts up with when what she really wants is to play her flute, have fun with Brooke and ignore Nora.

With wit, charm and literal confusions, Kate the Great, Except When She’s Not presents an enjoyable story that looks at the meaning of friendships while urging kids to push their own boundaries. Kate and her cast of friends are relatable and sure to entertain beyond what is sure to be a series.

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