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Have you ever attempted reverse psychology on your two or three-year-old? Chris Raschka’s small hardcover book Lamby Lamb implements this much used, and often successful strategy.

Our little fearless lamb is determined to do exactly the opposite of what her parents tell her. Therefore, when it’s time to get dressed for the day the directions are a bit unorthodox.

The roundabout directives “Don’t get dressed.” and “Don’t put on your shirt” launch us into a successful bid at having this furry fellow put his clothes on. Piece by piece he slips into his threads before finally being told, “I hope you are not ready.” However, according to the last page’s illustration Lamby Lamb seems prepared to conquer the day.

Raschka hand painted the book, with the lamb’s fur and clothes in color and the outline of his body in black. Each flip of the page reveals the lamb on one page and the text on the other, allowing for plenty of room and no visual clutter. The story is short and succinct at 15 pages, an ideal length for holding a two or three-year-old’s attention, and just enough information to get across the humorous and effective message.

The binding might prove short lived (it’s somewhat flimsy and too flexible) especially once a little one gets his or her hands on it. However, parents will enjoy the message and kids will like the funny and determined wooly dresser.

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