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Sad to see Jay Lake, a bright smile on the Science Fiction circuit, pass away early from Colon Cancer. This reviewer saw him at a science fiction convention with long hair and a Hawaiian shirt. Though not a fan, he gave this reviewer one million words as either a gift or a challenge. Last Plane to Heaven: The Final Collection is a bittersweet swan song for the writer who has taken the trip already to the great beyond. The book contains over thirty stories in all genres from him. Lake was adept at the turn of phrase and could also surprise one with an unusual idea. His stories were not quite lyrical, but fun to pay close attention to for the quirkiness. He also had a questioning modern sensibility.

“My grandfather Lake was a man whose presence in my life was as great as the moons pull over the tides. In a very indirect way, this tale is about me and him.”

Last Plane to Heaven also contains non fiction. His favorite writer was Gene Wolfe who wrote the introduction. This book is also a sad testament to his battle with cancer which many have struggled with in recent times. For those who have lost a family member to this or people they were fans of, this book might also provide some consolation. Even many science fiction writers can imagine that there is something afterwards.

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