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It may seem ironic to have one of television’s biggest fictional bullies discuss the sensitive topic of playground intimidation, but Jane Lynch is also known for her witty humor, gentle giant good nature, and her compassion for others. When she combines her storytelling with Tricia Tusa’s quirky illustrations, you can bet youngsters and parents alike will have a balanced dose of Lynch’s comedic voice with an earnest message.

“She’s not very tall, not really at all. It’s just her shadow that’s large.”

Marlene, Marlene, Queen of Mean is delivered in a clever rhyme scheme that shares the history of a playground bully and the trouble she causes for others. When Big Freddy takes a stand and questions Marlene’s authority, other children begin to question why they are so afraid of someone their own age and stature. Dethroned from her superior role, Marlene must find another way to embrace her unique qualities.

Energetic and playful while handling a tough subject, Marlene, Marlene, Queen of Mean is an easy-to-digest tale for youngsters. Tusa’s illustrations illuminate the highs and lows of playground politics while Lynch’s captivating voice ensures a serious message is not lost in laughter.

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