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Most children’s picture books have words that flow, rhyme and/or incorporate diverse language to build early vocabulary skills. May the Stars Drip Down does none of these things. Drawn in a shadowed effect the message in the book is lost on children and adults. The book is primarily 2 toned with a dark navy blue and white, and as the idea of a story continues, brighter color replaces the navy. The story seems to resemble a dream like state, but is certainly not one that would put a child to harmonious sleep, but one that would leave the reader and listener to wonder and ask for another book. The art is simple and sometimes unclear, however many pages are nice examples of imagery. Overall this is a book that leaves one to wonder what the title has to do with the story and the repeated lines of the book causes additional curiosity as if the author lost their own train of thought. The most appealing aspect of the book is that it has an early page with holes in it to allow light through, as stars would peer down upon the reader as the page is turned. This only occurs once though and begins the long trek of disappointment.

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