MontessoriMapWorkIntroducing Maps and Animals at the Preschool Level

3 star

By Bobby George & June George
Abrams Appleseed, $9.95, 12 pages

Parents and teachers looking for a book to introduce preschool or kindergarten children to animals that are native to other continents may be drawn to Montessori: Map Work. While this book does a good job of choosing animals and has a map to designate each animal’s geographic location, it uses cartoon pictures, and each animal appears to smile. A cobra has a tongue sticking out with an upturned mouth, as does the llama and many others. Many educators prefer educational books to have real-life pictures, or ones that don’t make cartoons of the animals; however, if you are simply preparing a lesson prior to the zoo, this book would do well. Some of the country maps have a slight texture, which many children of this age prefer for their level of interest. This follows the Montessori theory relating sight and touch. The sturdy board book allows preschool and younger to view this book without damaging it and make it worthwhile for a large kindergarten class because it would last.

Reviewed by Wendy Stevens