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More Than Two: A Practical Guide to Ethical Polyamory is a philosophical framework for individuals who are polyamorous, or involved with someone identifying as polyamorous. Although this book is written primarily for a polyamorous audience, it is perfectly digestible for readers of any orientation. Beyond the ethics of polyamory, functionality of relationships is another major topic in this book. More Than Two goes through many common problems that take place in polyamorous relationships and provides ways to problem solve while meeting certain needs. Not all of the topics discussed in this book are exclusive to polyamorous relationships; there are plenty of topics that can be applied to monogamous, open, and casual relationships as well.

Everything from communication to sexual health is covered in More Than Two, which is the key element that makes this book so well versed. This reviewer gives More Than Two four stars because of how enjoyable it is to read—it does not read like a textbook at all. The authors include snippets of real life encounters with different issues that come up in poly relationships, while maintaining an upbeat voice through every chapter.

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