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Lauren Oliver’s Rooms is an inventive and humorous tale of two ghosts trapped in the walls of an upstate New York home. The ghosts (Alice and Sandra) watch, comment and reminisce when an embittered family returns to the house in a flurry. Richard Walker passes away, and his dysfunctional, estranged family descends on the home. Caroline, the drunken ex-wife who secretly loved the house but never let Richard know, along with Minna, the angry daughter, and Trenton, the suicidal teen return to the house. Each family member is burdened with his or her skewed memories as they go through Walker’s countless treasures in the house. A younger spirit shows up that Trenton can “hear” and forces him to question his loneliness.

Oliver expertly unburdens each character through humor and heartbreak. Caroline, Minna and Trenton are forced to dissect their unhappiness while Alice and Sandra humorously laugh at their own mistakes and desires when they were alive. Chapters flip between present day events in the home and the ghosts’ lives before they were trapped in the walls of this enchanting, secretive and hope-filled house. This unique story will grab the reader right away and won’t let go until the very last page!

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