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Michael Cho’s new graphic novel Shoplifter is the short, moving story of Corrina Park, a disenchanted writer working for a busy ad agency. As Corrina struggles to connect with other people and keep her life together, she begins a descent into petty crime. When her boss gives her an ultimatum, Corrina must choose whether to remain on her self-destructive downward spiral or pick up the pieces and start fresh.

Though it is a thin volume, Shoplifter is an emotional story of redemption and personal growth. Corrina’s search for meaning and clarity in a world where everyone is trying to sell you something is familiar and easily relatable. Cho’s beautiful illustrations nicely convey the loneliness of life in a big city, the feeling of being isolated even when you’re surrounded by people and the powerful impact of a meaningful human connection.

Shoplifter is a quick, quiet story of modern ennui and self-discovery in the social networking age, a gentle reminder that life is what we make of it.

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