TheStreetPhotographersManualInstruction Coupled with Tons of Practical Advice for the Street Photographer


By David GibsonThames & Hudson, $21.95, 192 pages

Five loaded chapters fill The Street Photographer’s Manual with tons of practical advice and lessons. Chapter topics include quiet, busy, abstract, still, and subjects. Within each chapter there are projects followed by advice, technical tips, and equipment and technique notes. Within chapters there are profiles of street photographers, such as Bruce Gilden, Nils Jorgensen and Saul Leiter that offer their perspectives on the topic. Heaps of color and black and white photos litter the book. Especially helpful are the examples of sequential frames with notes.

“While covering some of the general history of street photography, I have also found it fascinating to consider the eyes and minds of 20 individual photographers. They bind this book together; they show what is possible and how photography gives greater meaning to their lives.”

The Street Photographer’s Manual will undoubtedly be helpful to the novice or experienced photographer. There are tons of excellent examples, tried-and-true tips and snapshots of pros with advice. A glossary and detailed index round out this helpful resource.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff