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Unwept: Book One of the Nightbirds tells the story of Ellis, a young woman who wakes up on a train with no memories of who she is nor how she got there. She finds herself in town living with her cousin with hopes that a familiar setting will help her regain her memories. It quickly becomes apparent that everyone in town knows who she is, but are reluctant to say anything about what happened to her. Their suspicious behavior makes Ellis begin to wonder if there is more to what they are hiding. When pieces of her dreams become reality in the waking light and a murderer is loose in the quiet town, Ellis must discover her past least she becomes the next victim.

“Ellis stayed by the railing, thinking about what Merrick had said. The ship had brought memories up from her past, but what if it was a past she really wanted to forget? What if something so terrible had happened to her that her mind refused to let her remember it? Wouldn’t it be better to let such memories remain buried?”

A Young Adult novel perfect for fans of Alice in Wonderland, Unwept is a fantasy novel with elements of horror as the bizarre nature of the story unwinds. The characters are strange yet engaging, and readers will find themselves bonding with Ellis as she struggles to get to the bottom of the mysteries and realities of the town. However, some people might find Ellis a bit too passive in the events that occur, and while the characters are engaging, they are rarely likeable. This is definitely not a book for readers looking for a straightforward narrative. Readers should also be aware that this is the first in a series, and the book ends with a spectacular cliffhanger.

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