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While You Were Napping will make your child laugh, giggle, and wonder what “really” happens when he takes a nap. It is no secret that children are hesitant to nap and the child in While You Were Napping screams as his Mom puts him to bed. Older sister loves to tease her younger brother by telling tales of escapades while he is asleep. Even though Mom says he won’t miss a thing, older sister tells a different story. A party starts almost immediately with airplanes making words in the sky and bulldozers showing up for every child to ride. Of course, a mud fight begins and then dinosaur bones were found. Fireworks and firemen and even some pirates dance while younger brother is asleep.

“After lunch, it was time for the fireworks.  There were barrels and barrels of them.  And even the littlest babies got to set them off (as long as they were careful).”

The story is the quintessential sibling tease and makes napping even more painful! The book is written for ages 4-8, which is the right age for a child to understand the humor of the story. The illustrations are detailed; over-the-top depictions of all the fun and even craziness in the story raise the humor up a notch. The book will spark imagination and delight in your child. Of course, it might have the opposite effect and your child might never want to nap again for fear of truly missing zany events!

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