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There is something about a hardcover book that makes a book special. It lasts longer and often is worth the higher price. For children’s books, this can be especially important to protect the book or to make it last in a classroom or library. The only exception is when it is a craft book that advises the owner to remove a page, cut it apart and use it for creating paper dolls.

3D Paper Craft Snow White (English and Italian Edition) is a fantastic idea. Instead of the traditional paper dolls on cardstock, this allows you to use a page of the book to create 3D characters and scenes from the Snow White story. Included is a version of the story, which is much abbreviated from the Disney version many are most familiar with. It is due to the familiarization that makes the characters so unique and fun to play with. Groups of children have multiple options of characters to play make believe with, as well as scenery to go with it.

One major advantage is that there is a black and white copy of each page, as well as a full color version. As many children prefer to color themselves as they do to have one ready made, this book allows for both. Having the dual language in Italian is unique, since so many are in Spanish. This would be a great way to introduce a new language to children if one had the ability to speak it.

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