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The world has changed and Babbitt and Coine prepare the reader for the social age, whether or not he is ready. A World Gone Social eagerly explains all the ins and outs of how customers and employees have more power than ever with the help of social media. Recruiting also looks differently and engagement is key with employees, customers, and future employees. The authors contend that building a community takes hard work but the payoff is great for the early adopters. No longer are companies unaccountable to the world. The book is littered with stories and examples, and of course, how-tos.

“Engagement isn’t good marketing.  It isn’t good content.  Whether speaking digitally or in person, it is our ability to communicate well with all stakeholders in any conversation – and not just employees, as the buzzword hacks seems to intimate.”

This reviewer could relate to many of the examples and trends, especially the Nano corps described in chapter seven. The authors insist that CEOs and corporations must rise to the challenges of using social media to engage and collaborate with customers and employees. Social media is not going away and it is not enough to just use the tools, but instead capitalize on the “social” aspect of media rather than the “media” portion. People will have power through their networks and how they use those networks.

Babbitt and Coine have written a compelling synopsis of how the world is changing, but also given the reader a roadmap of what to do to be at the forefront of this powerful age of social media. Although the book is dense with text, the content is good, very good and readers will definitely walk away with ideas for action. The authors even walk the talk by providing a website, LinkedIn and Twitter group to join to continue the journey into the new world of social media.

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