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This thick paperback (664 pages) has promised plenty of interesting reading on an intriguing topic: plan. But reading into it, this reviewer could not understand author Rob Kovitz’s idea behind writing According to Plan or, for that matter, who the targeted readers would be.

“The Universe is built on a plan…”

The book is a hodge-podge with one thing in common: the word PLAN, always in bold fonts, appears frequently. It seems the author made a global search somewhere to find the word “plan,” collected everything he found and glued them together in a book form. We have mostly short quotations from just about everything: speeches, books, meetings, architect notes, lectures, and so on. He loosely combined these into chapters though not with serious order. That every word “plan” is in bold is also bothering. Black-and-white photos illustrate the text, but many are so badly distorted that it’s uncomfortable to view them. The photos don’t seem to illustrate anything, though many have captions with the word “plan.” In addition, many sketches and drawings from old texts appear. Even when trying to read the “About the Author” section, we find two more quotes with “plan” in each but nothing about the author.

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