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China is an enormous country with its own traditions, rich history and celebrations. All About China: Stories, Songs, Crafts and More for Kids is a thorough book giving insight to the history of the county and so much more. Although the book is mostly filled with drawings of the stories, there are a few real life pictures to give authenticity and credibility to the book. The book has wonderful examples such as how to use chopsticks, etiquette with chopsticks and tea, and even how to compliment the chef properly when eating. The Chinese New Year, language, basic sayings and writings are also given with examples and suggestions for fun ideas to try at home. This book would be excellent for any classroom from any age group as well as an excellent resource to have at home. The author’s passion for Chinese heritage education points out her own passion began after adopting children from China. This book would be a wonderful way to ensure a child’s genetic culture remains within their American upbringing too. China’s unique geography is presented in a colorful and easy to understand manner and the history portion is simple to understand and highlights the country in a positive manner. This is a wonderful book to introduce China to any interested child, as well as being interesting enough for the adult to enjoy right along with them!

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