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Jan Morris’ Ciao, Carpaccio! lays out the author’s decades long fascination with this lesser-known artist of the Italian Renaissance. The book is loosely structured as a biography, tracing what we know of Carpaccio’s life from youth to maturity, but Jan Morris uses this as a framework to hang her thoughts about Venetian life, love and painting. Like Morris’ travel writing this book has a deep charm and does not take itself too seriously. Morris does not feel constrained to be scholarly as a professional art historian or critic might, and what comes through instead is her genuine love of the paintings. This small volume is also filled with high-quality reproductions of the paintings, allowing the reader to examine the small details that Morris points out. The book itself is an unusual format, only half-height, but long. The format works well for the reproductions, and is probably less expensive than a full sized volume, but some readers may find the size slightly annoying to hold or read.

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