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Here is a journalist-cum-geographer’s well documented account of the often contentious issue of wolves in Oregon – their reintroduction, recovery and management. “They are not the boogeyman, or storybook monsters aiming to prey upon the young or old,” the author writes. “They aren’t cuddly pets or religious icons. They are Canis lupus. Wolves.” Ergo: They are controversial. The story takes us from the ranches of NE Oregon to meeting halls in the state capitol where the subject of wolves is often hotly debated. The author’s purpose is to bring understanding to the issues, against the background of she calls the “torrid history of wolf management” in the USA. Because of the wide range of characters involved – ranchers, regional and local conservationists, biologists, state employees, and lawyers – Collared will be of interest to an equally wide range of readers, including students of wildlife conservation. The chapters cover such highly charged issues as depredation, litigation, and retribution, along with details on the science of recovery. Appendices include a timeline of events, details of the Oregon Wolf Conservation and Management Plan, and online sources of relevant documents.

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