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If you are unfortunate to have celiac disease yet love bread and baking, Gluten-Free Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day may be some help. J. Hertzberg and Zöe François devised a system of premixing large batches of gluten-free dough, ready to be baked into breads in small batches when you feel like baking fresh breads. The bulk of the dough is resting in the refrigerator. The seventeen-page introduction deals with the gluten-free concept and celiac disease, followed by and extensive section on ingredients, equipment, tips and techniques. Black-and-white thumbnail photos, though small, are adequate for the purpose.

“It is so easy to have freshly baked gluten-free bread when you want it, with only five minutes a day of active effort.”

The authors chose four bread categories and for each they give us the mixing ratio for that group: thus we have Master Recipes; Peasant Breads; Flat Breads and Pizzas; and Enriched Breads and Pastries. These are good recipes though the instructions are too long and somewhat complicated. You will find three sets of full-page inbound color photos. Many of the recipes inconveniently run to overleaf pages to annoy the baker. A large number of sidebars give us helpful information. The practicality of the system is questionable: not many cooks have the space to store bulky dough containers in the refrigerator.

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