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Few books pack the punch of Hello My Name is Awesome in a mere 83 pages. Watkins shares her winning formula for creating names for brands. She follows the SMILE and SCRATCH litmus tests when naming products. For example, under the SMILE (winners) umbrella, does the name evoke imagery and lend itself to going beyond the original intention. Whereas, under the SCRATCH test (or seven deadly sins), does the spelling look like a typo or even become annoying to customers., Chapters are devoted to the topics: SMILE, SCRATCH, Domains, Creative brief, Brainstorming, Name review and finally Name changes. The name changes chapter was a surprise but actually very helpful because after the reader finishes the book, he might be tempted to do an “about face” on his name. Watkins shares her actual creative brief that she uses and this process will be especially helpful to the reader when he is trying to name products.

“If you want your name to stand out in a sea of sameness and get noticed – without a massive advertising budget – you can’t afford to be shy.”

Snappy writing, easy-to-remember formulas, and tons of examples to support Watkins case throughout the book make it a winner. A clear, concise format littered with charts, tables, lists and real-life examples make her concepts easy to grasp. Her brainstorming strategy makes so much sense, that readers will wonder how they survived so long without this handy dandy book. Anyone in the business of naming products or brands will use this practical, no-nonsense guide over and over again.

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