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Maya Banks creates a unique world about a wealthy Texas family familiar with psychic abilities, due to the only sister Tori’s ability to periodically see events in the future. When she is abducted, her three brothers are out of ideas and time when Caleb, the eldest, tracks down Ramie. Ramie is hiding deep in the Colorado mountains trying to avoid an obsessive serial killer who has obtained a psychic link to her after she used her own ability to see through the eyes of one of his victims while working with the police department. Caleb forces Ramie to help find Tori and forges an obsession of his own as he slowly realizes his heart is tied to Ramie. A year later Ramie is too close to the danger and reaches out to Caleb for help where love and passion in the midst of running for their lives takes them both by surprise. When Caleb unconsciously creates the ultimate betrayal he has to find out the hard way that love can conquer all.

Keep Me Safe is light on the sex scenes and character development is simple, but effective. The rich boy who never thinks anyone can love him and the wounded girl who thinks she is so damaged no one would want to love her keep you rooting for both of them. This book easily paves the way for many more stories as the continuation of the Slow Burn series continues and will only make a reader wish the book was longer so it didn’t end so fast and leave you waiting for more.

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