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Boone O’Kierna has dedicated his life to saving his people from the abuses of his brother, Kristian, and the violently human-elitist group Sanctify, whose priests systematically exterminate any being considered inhuman. When he hears a rumor that his brother will take a bride, he plans to use the woman against his sworn enemy. After tracing her to Keiluna, Boone spends an erotic evening with the purple-eyed beauty, who is hardly the vain, foolish woman he expected to find.

Ophelia Leoni, daughter of a gunrunner and one of the last remaining Diviners, is horrified to receive a summons to marry the Prince of Hansarda, but infuriated to learn that the previous night’s sexy stranger is there to drag her off-planet. To protect her family, and the secret of her heritage, Ophelia complies with Boone’s rigid instructions, not realizing that the man is no mere employee for the Prince. Instead, Boone hopes to use Ophelia against his older brother, with or without her willing participation in the rebellion to come.

Katee Robert’s Queen of Swords is an exciting science fiction romance filled with intrigue, betrayal, and intense chemistry. Robert has constructed a futuristic world populated by a variety of beings, all vividly portrayed by intriguing secondary characters. In particular, the author’s imagination of the Diviners, with their religious dedication to the Lady and their supernatural interpretation of tarot-esque cards, is original and memorable. Though the ending of the novel is rather abrupt, the world building and characters of Queen of Swords are skillfully developed.

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